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Anti-Aging Specialist

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The development of wrinkles and lines on your face with age can come as an unwelcome surprise, often making you feel like you don’t quite recognize yourself. At Ohealth by Dr. T in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Marlene Tages-Cordova, DO, provides careful and effective anti-aging injectables to help boost your self-confidence during middle age. To explore your options, call Ohealth by Dr. T or request a consultation online today.

Anti-Aging Q & A

What is the goal of anti-aging treatments?

Though it would be nice to reverse time and become your younger self again, that isn’t the goal of anti-aging treatments. Instead, anti-aging medicine aims to reduce and prevent some of the effects of aging on your outward appearance.

As soon as you see the first wrinkles forming on your skin, you might have mixed feelings about their meaning. 

Many patients even experience decreased self-esteem and confidence upon noticing the changes to their appearance that come with age. 

At Ohealth by Dr. T, Dr. Tages-Cordova aims to help patients find confidence and happiness in middle age and beyond.

What anti-aging treatments can I get?

Ohealth by Dr. T offers several industry-leading aesthetic injectables to improve your appearance and diminish signs of aging. Depending on your goals, health, and history, she’ll help you choose between:


A favorite among anti-aging procedures, Botox® injections reduce or eliminate one of the most prominent physical signs of aging: wrinkles. The results last for three to six months.


Juvéderm® is a dermal filler that uses a hyaluronic acid gel to add volume to your cheeks, lips, and other areas that look especially drawn due to aging. Juvéderm also diminishes wrinkles and lines. The effects last for one to two years.

Other dermal fillers

Ohealth by Dr. T offers several other dermal fillers to serve a wider range of patients.

How do I maintain the results of my anti-aging treatments?

Botox and fillers allow you to experience a more youthful look for months, or even years, at a time, but they aren’t permanent. Even if you book maintenance injections to continue enjoying your results, time keeps passing and new wrinkles appear no matter what you do. 

To further slow the skin-deep progress of aging, you can make a few simple changes to your lifestyle outside of treatment at Ohealth by Dr. T. The team recommends that you:

  • Quit smoking
  • Limit alcoholic beverages
  • Use sunscreen daily
  • Avoid tanning beds at all costs
  • Moisturize religiously
  • Test skin care products on small patches of skin before using them
  • Get plenty of sleep (but not too much)

Dr. Tages-Cordova gives you more specific suggestions that apply to your current lifestyle during treatment.

If you have a hard time accepting your more mature appearance, don’t hesitate to request an anti-aging consultation at Ohealth by Dr. T by phone or online today.